This $176 Million design/build project at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport will allow for the new south runway 9R-27L to cross over the existing perimeter road, FEC railway, future rail corridor, US Highway 1 and extend eastward toward the existing NE 7th Avenue.

The project includes runway structures, roadway and runway design, and all of the ancillary and associated project elements including drainage, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, markings, signage, utilities and buildings.


Premiere Design Solutions is responsible for providing to the design build team engineering leader HNTB, all the utility relocation designs and all the coordination for utility relocations or abandonments of existing utilities which are in conflict with the proposed work. PDS is also responsible for all the water and wastewater designs, including the design of the water and sewer services for the fire suppression system and mechanical building. 


Utility relocation coordination services performed will include coordination, scheduling, negotiation and agreement assistance, permitting, utility location verification, schematic design and design of relocation of utilities in conflict with proposed work.


Our water and wastewater design services include the preparation of design plans, with plan view, profile, notes and details as required by permitting agencies to obtain engineering permits.  Limited construction support services are also included and will be provided during the construction phase of the project.


Premiere Design Solutions Staff’s role in the project is: 

  • Water, wastewater and utility design and permitting of new infrastructure 

  • Utility relocation design and coordination 

  • Utility coordination with utility companies, owner, contractor and client 

  • Construction management and engineering during construction services 

  • Construction support services and engineering during construction