ADA Improvements to Transit Facilities County Wide for Broward County, Florida




We served as the prime consultant responsible for providing professional engineering, surveying, and permitting services to the Broward County Transit Department (BCTD) for ADA improvements and new bus shelters at thousands of locations throughout Broward County, Florida. The PDS professional staff designed over 3000 bus stops including features like bus bays, bike lanes, curb, and gutter, landing pads, sidewalk connectors, handicap ramps, shelters, and shelter pads. 

The utility coordination for this project is very rigorous since many of the bus stops are located within high dense urban areas with reduced right-of-way space. To accommodate the proposed improvements, we have successfully relocated many utilities including but not limited to potable water, wastewater, electrical, traffic, telecommunications, power and others.

This project included:

  • Lead design engineer responsible for the design and management of the project to ensure design completion within the allowable time schedule.
  • Topographic surveys in NAVD 88 and State Plane Coordinates.
  • Civil Engineering Design, including paving, grading and drainage plans to depict the ADA design for each bus stop.
  • Permitting. 
  • Construction support.