Sky Train – Deck Elevations for Miami International Airport



Miami SkyTrain carries passengers to various points along the mile long Concourse D at Miami International Airport’s. Opening for service in 2009 it comprises 20 train cars running in 4 car train formations with the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity as needed. The system runs on a guide way on the roof of the concourse with 4 stations and a dedicated offline maintenance facility providing for all vehicle inspections, servicing, and overhauls.

In this project, Premiere Design Solutions (PDS) provided Professional Surveying Services for the collection of the existing concrete deck grade elevations at the Miami International Airport (MIA) Sky Train repair and maintenance shop.

The project site is inside an existing terminal building on the 5th floor, and the area of focus is about 20,000 SF, with a dimension of approximately 280 LF x 72 LF. MDAD needed repairing ponding issues at the repair shop, and to be able to design the necessary improvements, a survey of the area was needed to show grade elevations and understand grading patterns.

This project included:

  • Coordination to obtain permission for the survey crew to access the terminal and project site.
  • Spot elevation collection, with 4 temporary benchmarks to allow for construction and future elevation references.