Culvert Modifications and Bank Stabilization for the Town of Southwest Ranches




Premiere Design Solutions, Inc. (PDS) current staff served as the Design Engineers and Project Managers for this project to provide culvert modifications and canal bank stabilization to an existing culvert located at the intersection of SW 130th Avenue and SW 52nd Street in the Town of Southwest Ranches. Continual erosion over the years around the culvert had caused the canal bank to become unstable, and rehabilitation of the culvert and the canal was required. We prepared plans, details and specifications for the necessary improvements to replace the existing 66’’ CMP culvert. It was designed to be extended in either direction, and the canal bank was designed to be re-stabilized in order to prevent further erosion and potential roadway collapse.

Our staff coordinated with the Town staff to develop the necessary plans for the culvert extension and canal bank re-stabilization. Plans were prepared for the Town Engineer for the purposes of obtaining the necessary permits required for these improvements.

This project included:

  • Provide analysis of existing culvert and canal bank
  • Provide recommendations for the rehabilitation of the existing culvert, canal bank and roadway
  • Provide Engineering design documents for the development rehabilitation system
  • Provide the Town staff with guidance during permitting and construction