Easements for Cairo Lane (11 Properties) for City of Opa-Locka


Premiere Design Solutions, Inc. (PDS) served as the Consultants for the City of Opa-Locka as Topographic Surveyor, for the development, preparation and drafting of Legal Description and sketches for 11 properties located along Cairo Lane that were encroaching into public right of way.

This project was a support service to the City of Opa-Locka in the development of legal easement documentation for future roadway improvements planned within the City to provide drainage and pavement improvements along Cairo Lane from NW 135 Street and the Canal.  The project consisted of the drafting of legal descriptions and sketches for easements currently in negotiation between the City and property owners. The Project included one document with legal description and sketch for each of the 11 properties included in the project. The legal descriptions and sketches provided were utilized by the City and were included in their preparation of documents and negotiation of easements. The project was executed expeditiously to meet the aggressive schedule required for the Cairo Lane Roadway improvements project, which included a federal grant that had time constraints.

This project included:

  • Plat research and drafting for ROW verification.
  • Field Data Collection with GPS units
  • Searched property corners for Property Corner markers
  • Prepare key map and Easement survey drawings
  • Identified easements available in county property records
  • Prepared Legal Descriptions
  • Drafted sketches of Proposed Easements
  • Prepared legal description and sketch 3-page documents for each property.
  • Coordination between City, Engineering Consultant and Survey Field Crews