Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Greenbelt Irrigation Main Expansion – RPR Services


The Greenbelt Irrigation Main Extension installation provides additional irrigation services comprising a combination of approximately 6,500 LF of primarily 8”, 6”, 4”and 12” PVC Irrigation Main along US1 starting just north of the FLL Airport Terminal Drive exit ramps and extending South towards the existing BCAD greenbelt area adjacent Griffin Rd East. An additional run of 4” PVC irrigation pipe was installed around the Palm Garage adjacent Terminal 2 tied into the existing system at both ends.

The project included major traffic way crossings including US1, the FEC Rail line and Perimeter Rd all traversed via two Jack and Bore locations and one Directional Drill including an AOA fence crossing for the BCAD Airside run of irrigation pipework adjacent Perimeter Rd. We provided support the following services: 

This project included:

  • General civil engineering services. 
  • Obtain Engineering Permits for the project. 
  • Construction Management and Engineering during construction services. Inspection records.
  • Reporting directly to the EOR ensuring faithful execution of the design. Represented BCAD in matters concerning MOT, Security, Operation and Safety.
  • Served as liaison between the Owner and the Contractor.