Green Bus Shelter Prototype (Prefabricated) for Broward County Transit


The Green Bus Shelter Prototype project consists of developing a schematic design for a prefabricated aluminium shelter to be installed in the municipality of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County. The scope of work includes developing a schematic design to incorporate green practices and methods utilizing solar power lighting, landscape features within the shelter, irrigation via a cistern rainwater collection system and others. Two alternative options were developed for this project.


Option 1 - Landscape Features to Existing BCT Prefabricated Shelter

Minor modifications to the existing 5-foot & 7-foot prototype prefabricated aluminium shelters approved by BCT. The minor modification shall include the addition of vertical panels for vines. Two options for the implementation of solar panels shall be studied and explored: standalone solar panels and integrated roof panels.


Option 2 - New Green Shelter Prototype

Develop a schematic design for a transit shelter with integrated landscape roof, irrigation, and a rainwater collection system. The design may also include vertical panels for vines and planters and solar-powered lighting.

We served as the prime consultant responsible for providing professional architectural and engineering services for BCT, our role included, development of Schematic Design Drawings, preparation of 3D renderings, meetings and coordination with clients and municipalities; site visits and scope determination, prepare budget for benefit/cost ratio of shelter construction and maintenance.