HWO Runway 10R Parking Improvements for Hollywood North Perry Airport


This project was part of the Professional Consultant Services for Quality Assurance Materials Testing for Airport Projects at Fort-Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and North Perry Airport required by Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD). The agreement included Quality Assurance Material Testing (QAMT), sampling and testing for all materials and substances for all types of constructions, rehabilitation of Pavements and Engineering material Arresting System (EMAS), utility and pavement upgrades and some HWO Miscellaneous Engineering Projects

WE provided Review Materials Testing Reports (QA/QC) and on-site assistance as required during the 5 months duration of the project, the testing agent reports included Asphalt and Concrete / Electrical light Can installations on main runways and taxiways. Coordination was a highlight in this project due to the proximity with the Terminal Gates and the necessary precautions needed to avoid disrupting air operations.