Bus Bays Transit Enhancements for Broward County Transit


Premiere Design Solutions, Inc., (PDS) was retained by Broward County Transit to provide professional surveying services for horizontal designation and soft digs for an approximate area of 78,796 SF (1.81 Ac) within the Ravenswood Transit Facility located in Broward County, Florida.  The goal of the project is to install electric charging facilities for upcoming electric buses at this facility.


This project included:

  • Designate, and then survey, underground utilities based on Sunshine 811 Markings (if available) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Devices on the field. 
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) of an approximate area of 78,796 SF.
  • Upon completion, the Project Engineer verified the designation in the field.
  • All surveys provided electronically utilizing AutoCAD, delivered in a Compact Disc.
  • Provided 25 soft digs to locate vertical alignment with report for underground utilities. (Electric, Fiber Optics, etc.)
  • Certified Reports for the Soft digs and field SUE Reports detailing horizontal location, surface elevation, surface material, measure down to top of utility, diameter of the line or width of conduit, type of material, owner if determinable and direction of line at that location.