Reclaimed Water System Expansion for the City of Miramar




Premiere Design Solutions, Inc. (PDS) is part of the Reclaimed Water System Expansion Project, as sub-consultant, to perform Land Surveying and Utility Location Services.

The survey area includes Right of Way to Right of Way (ROW) survey, showing ROW lines, property lines, includes portions of driveways, asphalt pavement, roadways, concrete sidewalks, concrete curbs and gutters, concrete walls, pavement markings, striping, and fences.  ROW width varies from 100’ wide to 200’.  Intersections will be collected, including 50’ to each side of the end of the point of curvature of radiuses or beyond the ROW extension line.  

This project included:

  • Lead design engineer responsible for the design and management of the project to ensure design completion within the allowable time schedule.
  • Topographic surveys in NAVD 88 and State Plane Coordinates.
  • The design of the paving, grading and drainage to ensure ADA compliance.
  • The design of milling and resurfacing for adjacent roadways, including pavement markings.
  • Processing, completion and submittal of all regulatory agency permits.
  • Engineering construction inspections to oversee construction work as per design plans.