Surveying Services for DCP 30 Roadway Segments to Broward County Transit


The City of Miami is preparing Design Criteria Packages (DCP) for a project to provide roadway, pavement and drainage improvements at 30 roadway segments throughout the city.  Premiere Design Solutions (PDS) has been selected, as a subconsultant to BCC Engineering, to provide all the Land Surveying and Topographic surveys required for this project.

The scope of work included over 15,000 LF of roadway surveys from Right-of-way (ROW) to ROW on city street segments, including all above ground features, elevations cross-sections at every 100’, collection of all above ground features within survey area, including information for sanitary sewer and drainage structures such as bottom, invert, size and direction. Surveys were drafted in AutoCAD format, including all collected data, baselines for roadway segments under the supervision of a Florida Registered Land Surveyor.

This project included:

  • Point data and TIN Surface was being provided for Digital Terrain Model (DTM).
  • Baselines were created and shown in surveys with individual numbering. 
  • Elevations were referenced to the City of Miami Datum.
  • Project Horizontal Datum was referenced to NAD 83/2011.
  • Side street surveys extended 100 feet past radius returns.
  • Role
  • Above ground utilities and structures: pull boxes, curbs, poles, overhead lines, water meters, mailboxes, parking meters, decorative pavement, pavers, driveways, etc.
  • Elevation cross-sections along the corridor at every 100’ intervals including Crown of road, edge of pavement, front of walk, back of walk, driveways and ramps, and center of scale up to 5′ beyond right-of-way where possible.
  • House address numbers, per Miami-Dade County property appraiser parcel information
  • Lot Lines, roadway center line and right-of-way lines (per plat records), 
  • Bearings and dimensions and right-of-way widths.
  • Survey included elevations and delineation of visible areas of ponding.
  • Rim/invert elevations pipe sizes and directions of all drainage structures within the Survey Limits.
  • Location of trees, identifying the type and trunk diameter.