Terminal 2 Modernization Program for Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD)


This Broward County Aviation Department (Owner) project is located at the Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in Broward County, Terminal 2, where Delta Air Lines operates. The scope of work included the former terminal’s modernization with the expansion of the existing building footprint with a proposed mezzanine. To allow for the proposed footings that served the new mezzanine structure, existing utilities and stormwater management infrastructure was needed to be removed/relocated. It required locating those existing utilities within the project area and providing control points to show extents of pavement restoration. We provided support as a sub-consultant in the following services:


This project included:

  • Survey and Verification of storm water management infrastructure. Including: Location of manholes, inlet structures, roof drains, pipe sizes and invert elevations.
  • Locate and identify all underground utilities.
  • Signed and sealed as-built conditions plan.